Nicely Wrapped Films were commissioned to make a film for the 10th anniversary of CYCLE TO MIPIM, where over 100 people who work in the property sector cycle from the centre of London to Cannes (on the southern coast of France). 

The idea is that CYCLE TO... (the organisation that creates events like this) find an industry with deep pockets - and an event a LONG way away that lots of people from that industry were going to go to (by car, train, private jet, helicopter etc) - and they convince them to cycle it instead, to raise a huge amount of money, for, in this case, the wonderful children's charity Coram.

Although we've filmed a lot of sport over the years... (We've made sporting films with the world's best; Mathew Pinsent, Pete Reed, Fran Halsall, Tom Daly, Ade Adepitan, Louise Moore. We've even filmed a motorised toilet race in the Lake District AND the Backgammon World Championships!) we'd never made a cycling film. 

So how did we go about it?

Research. We watched hundreds of videos about cycling... And apart from a notable few - they are all just music montages of people in lycra. NO STORY. It struck us that the only reason you would want to watch those films is if you were actually on the ride - or were being made to watch the video by someone who was actually on the ride. 

We wanted to do more than that. We wanted to make a film that was worth watching even if you'd never cycled before. Get some of the wonderful countryside in - the changing landscapes, the reason these brave men and women are getting up at STUPID O'clock and riding ALL day - and then doing it again the next day. We also wanted to show that these were ordinary folk... That's another problem with lycra - people riding together all dressed in logo'ed-up kit look like professional cyclists - and these people aren't - so we wanted to show them at work, in their civvies. With this being a 10th anniversary ride - we also wanted to touch on how the ride had changed over the years, talk about a little of it's history. 

Of course - the film also has a job to do - it is used to convince other business sectors to come on a ride of their own, so it was important to show them what to expect. Anyway - we hope you like it - we're dead proud of it.