Nicely Wrapped Films are very quick in assimilating a brief, absorbing the subject matter and coming up with a creative, and affordable, response. They produced an exemplary film for my client, Foodspeed, and I recommend them unreservedly.
by Tony Hardy


Nicely Wrapped Films made a promotional film for our networking club and everyone I know who's seen it agrees that it's brilliant! The film has enabled us to attract more visitors to our exhibition stand and to our website. Thank you James!
by Paul Milsom


James is an expert in film and video production. Today we all sat in awe at our morning breakfast networking meeting in Kingston and watched James showcasing some of his work. His TV, music and media experience transpires through every pixel of film and I am happy to recommend him.
by Simona Bissoo


“James is an incredibly creative and able film maker with a real passion for what he does. He’s also very funny.”
Victoria Bell, Freelance Producer/Director 


“For All the People I have worked for over the years, James has been most assiduous, organised and competent Producer/Directors I have ever worked for. Flexible, imaginative and calm under pressure, every shoot I have been on with him has been a joy to work on and the results of that working environment are obvious to anyone who watches or listens to the finished product. If you want someone who can pull a rabbit out of a hat, whilst juggling plates, and keeping a smile on his face. James is your man.”
David Harcombe, Location Sound Recordist, BlackTorch Audio


“James is an inventive producer, with endless ideas and a realistic approach to making them happen. He is a thoughtful team leader, making sure that those around him are well supported, and it’s always a pleasure to work with him.”
Victoria Edmonds, Gallery PA / Script Supervisor


“James was an absolute pleasure to work for on Unique TV’s One Minute Wonders (the show was a complex mixture of live action and animation). He understood the general challenges and flexibility needed for animation as a producer and enabled us as a studio to get the greatest volume and quality of work up on screen. He had plenty of great ideas for funny items in the show and also afforded his team a great amount of creative trust which allowed the project a fresh sense of humour and uniqueness.”
Jamie Badminton, Creative Director/Producer, Karrot Animation


“I have worked with James several times over the past few years – it’s always a pleasure! He is a very creative, intuitive and hard-working programme maker. His dry sense of humour, and passion for what he does, make him an asset to any team.”
Romily Menzies, Producer/Director