Martin Rossiter: Drop Anchor

A stunning live performance by Martin Rossiter, for The Mouth Magazine. Shot at the brilliant venue The Deaf Institute in Manchester. We ran into a serious problem with the lighting - The Deaf Institute's main lighting rig was LEDs that were not well set-up for filming (in a European 220volt/50 hertz environment) or were incorrectly powered.. Either way - they were causing 'banding' on the image; a rolling flicker - making the image unusable. The lights were fine for stage lighting, but rubbish for filming. We only had limited time to shoot with Martin - around 30 minutes for two songs (including set-up time!) I could improve the flicker on the main camera (Canon C300 - used hand-held) by playing with the shutter speed and the clear-scan function, but nothing was working with the 7d (used on the slider) or the GoPros that we were also using. Working with those lights was just impossible. We had to find another solution. Martin agreed to move his schedule around a little (in fact - he was great to work with throughout) which gave us another half-an-hour to come up with something. We only had a small light kit with us - 3 Dedos - as we'd fully expected to use stage lighting, so we were very limited with what we could achieve - but we made it work - and it all turned out pretty well in the end. All things considered I'm really happy with the result. It also contains two of my favourite shots ever - the dolly right as Martin sings 'slide over' (Cam: Bruce Corby) and the focus pull to Martin's reflection as he sings 'but who am I'. I'd seen the reflection in the glass - and couldn't believe I wasn't also in it, so it had to be done - I was just waiting for the right lyric.